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SEPT 22-Flood EP in collaboration with Leisure Sports records drops on BEATPORT.  Available on other outlets in the days to follow.  Artwork above.  Wonderland from the EP currently playing on this site.

March 31-RUN, RUN, RUN from Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, covered by KIA MUZE and Frank Lawson.  Catch it HERE

REMEMBER single bows March 12, 2015

Is it possible to recreate the feeling you had when you first fell in love?  How do you make love last?  KIA MUZE's new single REMEMBER explores this burning topic.  REMEMBER is future R&B also sometimes referred to as Pabst Blue Ribbon R&B!  Be a Part of the Art!  You can add this song to your emo playlist  by purchasing at Bandcamp where you can pay whatever price you like!  It's also available at iTunes and all other major online retailers.

Check out my blog page to keep up with my day to day shenanigans as I roll out this new music and all of the weird discoveries along the way.- New  blog entry MARCH 9

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