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GOD. PEOPLE.  ART.  I Create Songs.

2014.  Kia is back in the studio writing and producing her new project!  Kia's latest single is WHAT MATTERS, you can check it out above.  It is also available for free download!

Kia Muze is also working hard with the League of Extraordinary Pens, #LadiesofLXP writing hits for major label placements!!  We have some FIRE coming for you very soon! :-)

Superhero is HERE!  It is available on iTunes, click the iTunes button above, or you can purchase via Paypal here in the STORE as a digital dowload or a signed physical CD here on the Kia Muze website. Click on STORE in the menu bar above and set your own price!

Merch is coming soon! We have a new AWESOME Kia Muze logo done by Andy MacDonald who illustrated the latest James Patterson graphic novel. Its DOPE.

New interview with KIA MUZE on the making of Superhero with Poping Cherry: HERE

Check out my blog page to keep up with my day to day shenanigans as I roll out this new music and all of the weird discoveries along the way.- New  blog entry JAN 27

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Love and Light,
Kia Muze